Private Wedding Dance Lessons

Lesley helps wedding couples (and other guests!) have fun and gain confidence on the dance floor so that you'll look and feel great on your special day.

“Lesley is so wonderful to work with!! She always gives you confidence and welcomes you with open arms, no matter what level of dancing you are at.”

Fun & easy dance lessons for busy brides, daring grooms, and folks with two left feet.

“Not only did Lesley give us routines to show off at our wedding, she gave us skills that we can use for the rest of our lives!”

​Private Social Dance Lessons

Lesley teaches couples and singles social ballroom dance lessons to prepare for upcoming parties, cruises, and the social dance floor. 

Make your special event memorable, look forward to feeling prepared, having fun on the dance floor, and surprising your family and friends. 

with Lesley McIntosh