Dance Student Testimonials and Successes

Thank you so much for our dance lessons. We especially appreciate your patience with us. Our first dance went off without a hitch. We were a hit. Everyone applauded as soon as we did our first twirl onto the dance floor. I think we even stayed in tune with the music. Enclosed is a “dip” picture. We were practicing between the ceremony and reception and it’s one of my favorite photos. Hope you use it on your cover. Maybe we’ll see you again to learn a more playful dance. We had so much fun with you. Thanks again for turning us into Fred & Ginger. We miss you!

She will make it one of the best experiences of their entire wedding.

Thank you for your wonderful instructions on our nightclub two-step. Our first dance impressed quite a few people in the crowd.

My fiancé had what he called “two left feet” when we started our lessons with Lesley and was not at all happy about taking lessons. Now my fiancé loves to going to class because he loves to see how good we look together while dancing.

She not only is teaching us steps or movement, but will give us tips about how to hold our arms or what stand to take that will make us look the best.

with Lesley McIntosh

Thank you so much for teaching us how to dance for our wedding. You were so patient and really gave us confidence.

She has the ability to “teach in a hurry”, so if there are some brides and grooms that wait until the last minute to learn how to dance, Lesley could teach them quickly.

She has exceptional propensity for teaching and instruction, but the best thing about her is her personal excitement and enthusiasm for dance and preparing people for their wedding dance.

She helps them prepare to dance, with their shoes, their wedding dress, etc. She will also help them pick music, shoes, etc. All the stuff that will affect the pleasure of their first wedding dance together.

We enjoyed our first dance immensely and the folks who attended our wedding were absolutely stunned! We had a real positive experience in every possible way.